Oehring + Lux

For over twenty years, objects at the crossroads of sculptural art, architecture and design have been created in the Kreuzberg studio of Elisabeth Lux and Frank Oehring. In a backyard of an old industrial complex at Erkelenzdamm one discovers a bright, spacious studio in which large-sized coloured wall sculptures and free standing architectural objects come into being.

Atelier, Berlin–Kreuzberg, 2021

In 2003 the design studio OEHRING + LUX was founded by Frank Oehring and Elisabeth Lux. Under this name, numerous design objects in limited studio editions and in cooperation with manufacturers such as ANTA, E15 or PASTOE have emerged in recent years. In 2004 the first joint design exhibition "Tables and Lamps" in the Extension Pavilion of Aedes East Gallery in Berlin presented with great success prototypes of ZAC - Lights program, currently produced by ANTA, as well as the first edition object, the table Z for the label E15 and the first studio edition of the table ZENO.

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Frank Oehring

Frank Oehring lives and works as an artist in Berlin. In his Kreuzberg studio he creates lager-sized coloured wall reliefs, light objects and freestanding sculptures for private spaces as well. Works by Frank Oehring are represented in numerous private collections.

Shortly after completing his study of painting, he put paint and brushes aside and started to create sculptures with acryl glass and neon. One of his first acryl sculptures RAUMOBJEKT I became in the focus of a performance by the group "Neue Musik" - a night music with electronic compositions by Evangelist, Berio, Ligeti, Stockhausen in the Berlin Academy of Arts. RAUMOBJEKT II has been part of the art collection of the TU Berlin since 1969.

From collaboration with electronic music artists, Frank Oehring developed sculptures with neon and computer-controlled circuits. These sculptures became the starting point for the "Informations- und Leitsystem" und die "GROSSE LICHTPLASTIK" for the International Congress Center ICC Berlin. These early works were presented in the film "Neon Light Art - Objects that shine" produced by ZDF in 1984 portraying the artists Stefan Antonakis, Cork Macheschi, Frank Oehring, Bruce Nauman at.al.

Light remained an essential theme in his sculptures - in the late 80s and early 90s, artificial light appeared in favour of natural light, painting returned and so spatial objects made of aluminium. Color field sculptures and reliefs made of spherically shaped surfaces were created. The surfaces of the objects are painted like canvases; primed white and painted with many color glazes of different tones. This creates the effect of pulsating color surfaces that seems to glow deep down depending on the incidence of light.

Beside the art work Frank Oehring creates design object, in 2003 he founded the Design Studio OEHRING + LUX together with Elisabeth Lux.

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Elisabeth Lux

Elisabeth Lux, architect and artist, founded together with Martin Wiedemann the bureau Architektur Salon Elvira Berlin" in 1985. Numerous national and international competition successes, conceptual and innovative architectural designs, space and exhibition concepts for there Academy of Arts and the Nai Rotterdam and architectural-historical researches commissioned by the Academy of Arts in Berlin are some of the activities accomplished together with Martin Wiedemann over the years that followed. Elisabeth Lux worked also as a teacher and was a member of numerous artistic and architectural juries.

Today she works as an artist and designer. Her architectural sculptures follow conceptual guiding principles, she creates iconic designs that combine the disciplines of art, design and architecture through a particular geometrical and architectural language.

In 2003, Elisabeth Lux founded the Design Studio OEHRING + LUX together with Frank Oehring.

Since 2018 large-sized PAPERCUTS have been created in addition to the architectural sculptures. The shapes, cut from hand-painted papers, join together to form strongly coloured paper collages.

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